Our Company Is Here To Help You

Tama Techno is an independent, modern software development company with oodles of experience in creating digital products and the strategies to power them.


Our expertise in application development is evolutionary and at-par with next-generation software applications. Entrust us to design, develop and enhance your software products so that you can remain focused on your core business. We have a team of creative designers, quick developers, vigilant project managers, and aggressive online marketers – you can count on us for your digital needs.

Every line of code we write at Tama Technohas an impact, which is appropriate, given that our key goal is to increase the impact of the work that global development organisations do. We build products, tools and websites that focus on solving problems by providing tailored and innovative solutions which work for your local context. By taking the time to understand the real needs of your end users, we never fail to build products which will be both used and useful.

Our Approach
We believe in the power of partnerships. We work with you to create tailored, innovative solutions in the areas of data, technology, product and community.